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Select your startup disk in the left pane and click the Mount button.

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Enter your login password when prompted. Quit Disk Utility. Click on the Utilities submenu in the top menu bar and select Terminal. The encryption status of your startup disk will be displayed.

Users can't sign into Gmail in Mail after latest macOS update

When the encryption process is completed, quit Terminal and reinstall macOS. The password, should it be the same as my standard login password? For the past year or so, every time a new MacOS update rolls out, and is attempted to be installed on my MacBook, it ends up displaying the circle slash Prohibitory Symbol. Rebooting still produces a prohibitory symbol. I have also tried: a specifying the startup disk problem still persists ; b attempting to start in safe mode problem persists ; doing the NVRAM reset problem persists.

In the past, the only way i was able to get around the problem, is by re-formatting my HD, installing latest version of Mojave OS, and then migrating all my data from my TimeMachine backup.

Live Troubleshooting No Entry Sign On MacBook Pro on Boot

This happened again the other day with the recent Mojave update My computer automatically installed the update overnight, and in the morning, my screen was showing circle slash. Below is a link to a useful article which provides some helpful information regarding:. However, one problem with that article is that the kextstat command is not available in Terminal utility running in recovery mode.

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As a work-around, these are the steps i took to solve the problem:. First, pick Disk Utility, select your main disk and Mount it; this is required if your disk is encrypted and requires password to be mounted. The About This Mac window opened with the Overview tab highlighted. I then clicked on Software Update… highlighted in red :.

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I clicked the Update Now button highlighted in red :. I clicked the Install Now button highlighted in red :. I pressed the power button until my MacBook Pro powered down.

I used the Startup Manager as described above and at the link , holding the option key down as soon as I heard the Apple chime. I selected the one named macOS Installer :. Then it showed me progress as it performed the update:.

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The update process may take awhile. When the progress bar reaches the end of the estimated processing time marker, the screen may go black. In fact, the screen may go black at several points during all these steps.

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When updating from macOS Mojave I used the Startup Manager as described above, holding the option key down as soon as I heard the Apple chime. I selected the one named macOS Installer.

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Hope this helps. With software, being patient and not panicking are virtues. Did I miss any fad-based catch phrases?

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View all posts by Andrew Jaffee. Try running Disk Utility and check your partition s for any problems.

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Then try starting the whole process over again…. I experienced the same thing you did and figured out a workaround. You should re-read the entire article, but click here if you want to go straight to your particular scenario. Glad I could help. Your email address will not be published.