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Yes, the shirtless Mann is hairy on the cover art. Their album Lovedrive is one of many albums by the band with odd cover art. First of all, there is a couple in the back of a car.

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  2. Mac Miller, 'Watching Movies With The Sound Off'.
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  4. Mac Miller's ‘Watching Movies with the Sound Off’ — in His Own Words.

The right breast is more visible than the other. The back of the cover finds the lady holding a picture of Scorpion, with her left breast exposed. Hmm, wonder if Mac Miller sits around buck-naked all the time.

Mac Miller Unveils Tracklisting, Features For ‘Watching Movies With The Sound Off’

Yeah, junk has been used way too much throughout this list. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays piano, trombone, and organ among numerous other instruments. He's a certified music educator, composer, and a freelance music journalist. Flowers have often been used in art to symbolize or depict femininity , and the hanging cherub is a distinctly Christian symbol which, at its core, is a patriarchal religion. Another notable nuance of the image can be found in the lighting.

It seems as though the light in the photo is emanating from the flowers in the vase, which would emphasize and perhaps glorify the feminine energy if viewing the cover art from an allegorical perspective. It was a lot of shutting out the rest of the world and finding the inspiration inside of myself.

It was healthy and cleansing. Macadelic dealt a lot with my old girlfriend and a lot of it was driven by my relationship at that time. But with this record, I removed everything in my life. I had to sit there and do some soul searching.

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The looming cherub may be intentionally tucked away from the light, which might represent a departure from an old dedication. The fact that the looming cherub is both golden and tucked in the shadows may represent a recognition of a lesser or flawed relationship with the masculine, or to put it even more simply, whatever the opposite of nature may be.

What is arguably more striking than their mixtape cover art is the content of the mixtapes themselves. His next mixtape, Faces , was dropped roughly half a year after Delusional Thomas was released and deals with themes of drug use in a much more serious an sobering perspective. Mac described how he had shut out the rest of the world in the process of Watching Movies to explore himself, so it might be the case that GO:OD AM is a recognition of that same aspect of self he was searching for.

Some of these claims can be substantiated by an interview Mac did with Larry King.

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The overt creativity and loud colors that were present in Watching Movies and even in Blue Slide Park are not to be found. I mean to me, women have always been the sturdiest people in my life and have been incredible sources of energy. A lot of this record is about the energy surrounding this planet. We need to hold that up as something sacred.

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As his initial three studio albums have been explorations of the self, the maturity that Mac has gained over that period of time may have helped him get to a place where he can help shape himself through a focus on the other, rather than the self. If this is the case, it seems the link that he has found between the two is love, which he credits as the inspiration of the album in the same Billboard interview:.

A lot of it was inspired just by the universe, the story of love, and the emotion of love, how love affects me is different now. In fact, many artists encourage this kind of discussion and even celebrate it. What do you think about these ideas?