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Should something go wrong, you could lose every byte of data on your iOS device. While iOS 13 is undoubtedly an exciting step for Apple devices, it comes with some sad goodbyes.

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It was a good run and, for many of those devices, a record-breaking run at that. As for iOS 13, the iPod touch 7th generation can use it, as well as all of the following iPhone models:.

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These instructions assume that you're updating your iPhone to iOS It can be tempting to jump right into beta testing, but if something goes wrong while beta testing iOS Even if you let iCloud automatically back up your device, it will only have a backup for the iOS Reverting a previous version of iOS, therefore, will result in the total annihilation of any data tied to that backup on your iPhone. Archiving prevents macOS from overwriting your backup the next time you sync your iPhone.

Comment sauvegarder l'iPhone ?

In Mojave, after completing a backup with iTunes, select "iTunes" in the menu bar, then "Preferences," then the "Devices" tab. Find your backup from the list, then right-click on it. Select "Archive" to do just that. Now, whenever your iPhone that's running iOS Your archived backup will remain as it was the day you backed it up, ready to download to your iPhone should you need it. In Catalina, the process is similar, but you open up Finder and select your iPhone from the sidebar.

Then, instead of going in any preferences menu, click the "Manage Backups" button. Next, right-click your last backup and hit "Archive. You should note that this method only works while Apple still signs iOS Once Apple decides to stop supporting that version, your archived backup may not work anymore. The only way around this certainty is to back up your SHSH2 blobs. Backing up your iPhone this way is a bit more complicated, but it ensures your archived backup can withstand the sands of time.

This is a common method for jailbreakers to use.

Comment récupérer des photos supprimées à partir d'un iPhone ou d'un iPad

EST, or Nov. Keep an eye on this section until then, as we will update as soon as Apple releases the public beta.

The developer version came out on the fifth at 1 p. If you're coming from the iOS 12 public beta, make sure to remove your iOS 12 public beta profile before continuing. We recommend you use this method, but the Mojave and Catalina install methods are still listed below in case you want to update with a restore image instead of an OTA over-the-air update. That's only needed when building apps that need testing.

Ciao Francesco, grazie per il tuo commento! Non sembra normale. Sei in grado di provare un backup sul tuo PC o Mac e ripristinarlo?

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  5. Nous aimons entendre les utilisateurs: pourquoi ne pas nous envoyer un email, laisser un commentaire ou tweet reincubate? Nous recommandons l'authentification multi-facteurs. This is iPhone Backup Extractor, think of it as a "personal forensics" utility.

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