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There are FAQs. There are Known Issues. Check your Log. Please provide your full Log. No Log. If you supply screenshots, which in certain situations is indeed helpful, then absolutely include an Aircraft Information Window in the screenshot. This includes nearly all I need to know to help you quickly, often even from on the road.

Review: X-Plane 9 for iPhone

Happy flying! Download counter when providing v1. Tagged with: opensky ads-b exchange realtraffic. X-Assign v. Existing settings will still load! If a set is not existent and you try to load it, it gets created instead and you can load it from now on.

How to Uninstall X-Plane Application/Software on Your Mac

These aircraft define their own custom commands via plugins which makes them difficult to handle for X-Assign. The symptom is that some buttons constantly get miss-assigned. This will help X-Plane and X-Assign to stay consistent with the button assignments. Make sure you assign the custom commands in the same order as they appear in the menu. Every aircraft has its own set 1, set 2 and set 3! Continue with step 3. There is not much we can do about this. Only set 1 will load automatically with the aircraft. All other sets are optional and load only manually.

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If there is no file in the new place, I will try to load the old file from the old path. This should mean a seamless transition to the new path. This feature is now available as an extra plugin. If there already is a set number 1. Tagged with: assignments settings per aircraft usability. Summary of the main features of WebFMC: access CDU FMC from any number devices PCs, phones, tablets etc at a time simple installation - just drop WebFMC into X-Plane plugins folder no need to install any software on the devices, all you need is a web browser very lightweight and small, no visible impact on XP performance can look as native app on mobiles via browser's "Add to home screen" supports keyboards on PC supports screen-only mode for cockpit builders.

The screen-only mode for cockpit builders where all keys and UI decorations are hidden, for the purpose of getting displayed in a physical CDU frame is described here: Please see the documentation included in the WebFMC zip file for detailed information on how to install and use WebFMC. Starting from version 1. Though this is kind of a hack and something a programmer should not do normally, I did it because the effect of the plugin is really cool.

These inofficial DataRefs are undocumented and can change with every release or update of X-Plane. So it is not guaranteed at all, that this plugin will work with later X-Plane versions. When you install this plugin, please keep that in mind and don't blame the developers of X-Plane, FlyWithLua or me, if the above said should happen! That can lead to an annoying flickering of clouds and shadows. It gives you 3 options what to do: 1.

When 3jClouds is inactive or de-installed, RTH will work exactly as before. So you don't need to worry, anything gets destroyed To be absolutely sure, a backup copy of RTH. This is the recommend option, as it gives you full clouds functionality of this plugin together with RTH doing all the rest of it's very good job.

Aviation History Review: X-Plane 9

Or those who like flickering clouds and cloud shadows. The settings window is self explanatory, I hope Therefore you can try to bring down the "cloud puffs" slider in the rendering settings of X-Plane a few notches and clouds will still look good. This might give you some better performance in cloudy conditions. The reflection of the sun is a little stronger. Very nice and realistic to see really dark thunderstorm clouds!

Not so nice from aeronautics point of view, of course As it says, shadows will be slowy deactivated when plane is above the clouds. The cloud shadows on ground will disappear then too, but unfortunately there is no other way to do that with X-Plane in the moment, as far as I know Can be deactivated in the settings window. Known bugs The plugin in some cases has to turn the clouds completely off and on again, when changing the configuration.

After you have found your favourite settings, usually you won't change them anymore and so - I hope - this won't be a big issue. A friend of mine had some more crashes and sometimes completely black clouds, but I could never reproduce that on my computer. Please do not use the reviews tab for this Kind of feedback, it is not possible to reply there. I did it for fun and to give something to the great X-Plane community! If you really like my work and you have a few bucks to give, you're very welcome to make a little donation via paypal.

Tagged with: flywithlua clouds x-plane Provided services PushBack: Selectable distance and rotation, fully automated and manual mode. Refueling: Request the desired fuel amount for each tank.

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I din't find any way to simulate the gpu power with the current datarefs so the gpu just seats near the plane. Features The plugin auto assigns fuel and push-back trucks based on the weight of your plane. Each tug and fuel truck has its own characteristics like fuel flow rate or power.

I've modeled the tug power so it should give some real feel. All objects are unloaded if you're far enough in order to save framerate. The stairs don't go to the correct position if the plane doesn't have the door coordinates specified on the acf file. Please ask plane developers to fix this.

System requirements:

X-plane uses a weird way to store fuel tank usage. If you overload a tank expect strange behavior. The source is released under the GLP license so feel free to improve-it and send your patches. Help needed The original idea was to provide all the objects with the plugin, If you're interested in donating objects to the plugin please contact-me. I'll probably develop a way to create separate addons objects packages.

Buy me a beer. AutoGate plugin By Marginal This plugin animates jetways and docking guidance systems DGS in scenery packages that have been authored using the AutoGate development kit. Version 1. Misc optimizations. Support for older CPUs under v9 on Windows. Fix for crash on Windows. Thanks to Rotate team for cooperation! Work on the plugin began to take a lot of time, so we do not have time to have fun.

A: Write to us about this, we'll see what we can do. Q: I'm a developer of a wonderful airplane, I want terrain radar. A: Write to us. Q: The radar does not turn on. A: check "Show radar window" in "Terrain radar" plugin menu in overlay mode. Q: The radar still does not turn on! A: Yes, we know about this. After a while this will be done. It is impossible to achieve everything at once, you need to move step by step.

Many thanks go to the following people who throughout this long process allowed me to get my plugin to this point. More detail is avaiable in the XsaitekpanelsUsersManaul. The following Saitek panels are supported.

I am using Ubuntu You will need to install a new Xsaitekpanels. It is included in this archive. When X-Plane initially loads the radio and the multi panel may be dark.

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