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We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. The Mac mini was both the smallest Mac ever sold and the least expensive. Introduced in January , the Mac mini has only been through one design change. The original design was 6. Instead, you can plug in your favorite USB keyboard and mouse — or buy one from Apple or any computer retailer.

Mac OS X The model has its system memory soldered in place and cannot be upgraded after the original purchase. The brings back memory expansion.

Wifi not working, interfering with bluetooth devices

Any laptop drive should work inside the pre Mac mini. Higher speed rpm drives can make the mini an even perkier machine, and an SSD will really unleash their power.

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With USB 2. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. Released June , Model A Yuru yuru. I bought this Macbook Pro 13" Unibody Mid secondhand less than a month ago. It is my first Mac computer.

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After a few weeks of checking it out, I realized it has two USB 2. I check everywhere there is to check and apparently it is supposed to have two USB 3. I have carefully checked which model of computer I have and it seems that I have the right computer, but only these ports. This is how I checked which model I have. I have been wondering wether if it is a setting or something I'm ignoring or maybe there is a way it can be changed somehow I really do not think so, as these chips are part of the logic board.

The question is, what can I do? Of course, I would like to have the best specs on my computer, specially if the manufacturer uses these specs to sell it. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker.

Mac mini Server (Mid ) Technical Specifications

Are you sure you have the correct model? The USB ports should be Blue in color. If they are black then you have a 2. Double check the serial number under About This Mac As people complained about the look of the Blue. So you can't just look at the outlets color alone. You'll need to review the hardware profile section under About This Mac Thank you for your answer.

My USB ports are black. I have checked again following the instructions as you wrote and it seems like I have the right computer, but not the right USB ports. I have even gone to a Mac Store and checked a MacBook Pro mid in order to make sure about this, and what is my surprise? It says it has USB 2. I really think this is not cool. Is there anyone else having this problem? I do not think it is a mistake since they have promoted this spec when advertising the product.

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Why would they lie about the USB ports on this computer? I do not think they would sell any less of this product if they said it has USB 2. I think the word Lie is a bit much.

Things happen at the factory that get though in error. At this point you need to talk with someone within Apple to see what they can do to fix your system. Sadly, being the second owner does make this harder. You may also want to talk to the seller of the system as they too may have mislead you. Maybe you can get your money back so you can get a system with USB 3 ports. I understand what you say and you are right.

I do not want to sound mean or harsh when addressing this situation but it seriously does not seem like an error, specially not since even at the store they have systems in the same situation for sale. You are right again, being the second owner makes this more complicated, however that fact does not make it less of an authentic product from the brand.

I think I will go to the store and will ask them about this situation and see what they say about it. Something is not right. I almost never call Apple but go ahead and tell us what they say , just out of curiosity.