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Use the powerful Skin Editor to design custom buttons and controllers — all of which can be made responsive so the design fits to any screen. No coding required. We promise! The central, interactive Viewer lets you accurately place hotspots , images, sounds , videos and even lens flares within the panorama. You can decide to be creative and create your own skin or not and use our built-in skins. Easily reproject spherical panoramas during viewing or open a panorama from a little planet view to a rectilinear view on opening or create a standard format video that moves through different projections.

If using a skin overlay , the changing of projections can be controlled with a button. They can also be detected in the player, so you can change the skin depending on the projection using logic blocks. Guide viewers by creating an animation path through your panoramas or tour to show off the best areas. At any time, the viewer can interact and explore further. You can even export this walk-through as a video file. Pano2VR will also help you to transform your images into different projections for printing.

No matter how you decide to show your work, Pano2VR will help you to prepare your project for publishing. Not only are the plugins useful, but so are the multiple HTML templates we provide that you can use as is, or edit them to your needs. Your panoramas are not bound only to a screen! You can also prepare your panoramas for print by using the Transformation Output. Choose from a variety of projections to output, including the well-loved Little Planet Stereoscopic.

Want to share your work in VR? Posting your projects is only one part of the final output. Sharing your work is the other part. Sometimes you just want to quickly share an image to the social networks. This is usually caused by missing metadata. Cardboard and Daydream versions are on the Google Play store. The Rift version can be downloaded here.

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Download and test Pano2VR as long as you like. This is a maintenance update. You can find more details in our blog post. Pano2VR 6. When first-hand experience is not possible due to logistical reasons, immersive learning is the next best option. VR has the potential to fill that gap.

Pano2VR Overview

A perfect example of how VR can be used as a value-added service by marketers. Find More Stories. InstaVR at a Glance. Create once, Publish to many and Analyze with Heatmaps. Overview Demo. Interactive Tutorial. You can make your 1st app within 5 minutes with interactive guide. Features and Benefits. Web-Based Tool.

Free Virtual Tour App

No Tech Skill is required. Drag-and-drop based. No coding is required. InstaVR is a web-based online tool. You can make a VR app with zero experience. Stereoscopic 3D.

Free Virtual Tour App

Rich 3D experience. Stereoscopic panoramic images and movies are supported. Audience can have true 3D experience.

InstaVR automatically generates streaming preview and renditions to support various devices. Various Platforms. Enterprise Use Ready. Marketplace Ready. Web Embed Ready. You can embed your published WebVR app into your page. You can easily render 3D scenes into VR images in any panoramic format such as spherical, cubemap, etc. Professional VR Camera Compatibility.

Offline Standalone VR App. Works perfectly without an internet connection.

Which Is the Best App for Creating a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

You can make completely offline standalone apps that work perfectly without an internet connection. This is great for most business apps that are used for sales or presentation purposes. InstaVR allows you to create both offline and online apps. Keep app small. Deliver Unlimited Content.

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You can choose online content hosting option. With this option, all content is delivered via our content delivery network CDN and the app size is extremely small. App can use videos that are locally copied to device with local deployment option. Flexible Hotspots. You can call external action such as opening a web page, putting item to shopping cart, call phone number.

You can navigate audience from one scene to another freely. Interactive Virtual Tour Ready. You can make rich VR experiences including mini VR games. White Label. HoloBuilder by HoloBuilder 11 reviews. Roundme by Roundme 8 reviews.

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Learn more about Roundme World's most hassle-free o VR publishing and panoramic tours authoring platform. SeekBeak by SeekBeak 7 reviews. Cupix by Cupix 4 reviews. Learn more about Cupix Cupix creates Matterport-like virtual walkthrough with a consumer-grade camera in a fully automated way. Lapentor by Lapentor 3 reviews. Learn more about Lapentor Cloud-based virtual tour software that allows you to easily make virtual tours for anything.

Envisioneer by Cadsoft 3 reviews. Learn more about Envisioneer One simple model to design, estimate and manage home building construction. You can make real estate, tourism, training, education, marketing, storytelling, media or any other interactive VR app in minutes Learn more about InstaVR You can make real estate, tourism, training, education, marketing, storytelling, media or any other interactive VR app in minutes Learn more about InstaVR You can make real estate, tourism, training, education, marketing, storytelling, media or any other interactive VR app in minutes.

Panotour by Kolor 2 reviews. Learn more about Panotour Virtual tour authoring tool with presets, hotspot editor, customizable interface, and more. Interactive virtual walktroughs can be shared or included on your website Learn more about 3DVista Virtual Tour Suite Virtual tour software for real estate and tourism marketing.

Learn more about PanoramaStudio Photo stitching solution that helps create wide angle and degree panoramic images. TourWizard by TourWizard 1 review. Learn more about TourWizard Virtual tour platform that combines designs with marketing tools to help real estate professionals engage with customers and succeed.

Learn more about Immersive Create virtual reality applications to help train your employees.